Sumitomo Corporation of Americas provides steel products for the following industries:

Automotive & Automotive Parts, Electrical Appliances, Electronics, Communications and Telecommunications, Construction and Building, Transportation, Canning/Food Containers/Packaging, Transformers, Electrical Motors/Generators, Office Furniture/Shelving, Shielding, and HVAC.

We offer the following steel products (details below):

Cold Rolled (including Cold Rolled Motor Lam Enameling Cold Rolled)
Hot Rolled
Hot Dipped Galvanized
Galvalume ®
Aluminized Steel
Pre-paint Galvanized & Pre-paint Galvalume
Electro Galvanized
Tin Mill Black Plate, Tin Free Steel, Electrolytic Tin Plate
Non-Oriented Electrical Steel, Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

Eco Friendly Steel

1. Cold Rolled Steel (Including Cold Rolled Motor Laminate and Enameling Steel)
Cold Rolled Steel is pickled hot rolled steel that is cold reduced to thinner gauges. We currently supply this product from US domestic sources as well as several off-shore sources. Product end use is quite varied with general usage of appliances such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, dish washers and smaller appliances. Additional usages are automotive (exposed and unexposed) as well as enameling applications with white boards and bath tubs.

2. Hot Rolled Steel
This is the base product for many other steel products, but is also used in various applications by itself. We are supplying several types of hot rolled coil servicing several markets including office furniture, pipe, water heaters, purlin, web stock, doors and tubing. Our sources are primarily domestic US, but have availability for some off-shore sourcing depending on specification.

3. Galvalume ®
"Hot Dipped aluminum and zinc coated steel. This product is mainly used for metal buildings, roofing and siding panels, electrical boxes, home appliances and is a preferred type of steel because of high corrosion resistance. We currently have several domestic US sources as well as several off-shore possibilities.

4. Hot Dipped Galvanized
Hot dipped zinc coated steel. This product offers corrosion resistance for a great amount of end uses. Some examples of the end use are as followed, but limited to, farm buildings, automotive parts, building panels, HVAC duct, garbage cans, guard rails, fasteners, conduit, home appliances, etc. We have several sourcing options both domestically US and off-shore.

5. Galvanneal
Hot dipped zinc iron alloy coated steel. Current supply is sourced domestically US with primary usages as commercial doors, automotive, and garage doors.

6. Aluminized Coated Steel
Aluminum coated steel sheet. This product has excellent heat resistance and anti-corrosive properties that make it an idea product for automotive exhaust and heat protective applications. It is also used for small appliances, ovens, HVAC and grill applications as well. This item is sourced domestically US and capability from off-shore sources as well.

7. Pre-paint Galvanized and Pre-paint Galvalume
Painted Hot Dipped Galvanized and Galvalume are primarily used for roofing and siding panels for construction. The combination of high corrosion resistant material with high performance paint systems make this an ideal product for commercial construction. This product is sourced both domestic US and off-shore. We can custom order this product and also have standard sizes on-hand for convenience.

8. Electro-Galvanized Coated Steel
Electrolytic applied zinc coated steel. The zinc coating of this steel sheet is applied through an electrolytic process that allows for a more uniform coating that allows for better forming processes and excellent painting for processes such as exposed automotive. Primary usage today is automotive body panels and electronics. We source this material off-shore servicing ports in the Western US, Eastern US and Southern US.

9. Tin Mill Black Plate, Tin Free Steel, Electrolytic Tin Plate
Tin Mill Black Plate is a thin gauge cold rolled product that serves as a substrate for Tin Free Steel and Electrolytic Tin Plate. These Tin Mill Products service a wide variety of industries such as canning, beverage and telecommunication industries. Our sourcing enables us to supply both off-shore and domestic US sources for our customers.

10. Electrical Steels (Non-Oriented and Grain Oriented)
Thin gauged coated Cold Rolled Steel with Silicon allowing for certain magnetic properties. This product services a wide variety of markets and industries. Examples are small motors for electrical appliances, power generators, hybrid and electrical automotive engines, wind power generators, transformers and MRI shielding. We source both domestic US and off-shore product for our customers.

Eco Friendly Steel

The steel industry has made a concerted effort over the past several decades to increase products that are friendly to the environment and qualify for compliancy with such organizations as RoHS, LEED and Energy Star.

According to AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) via IHS
• Discharge of air and water pollutants has been reduced by over 90 percent in the past 25 years.
• Over 95 percent of the water used for making steel is recycled.
• Energy consumption in steel-making has been cut by 45 percent since 1975, significantly reducing carbon dioxide emissions that can contribute to global warming.
• Electrical steels produced with specialized electromagnetic properties help produce significant energy savings in power transformers.
• Alloy steels designed to operate at very high temperatures allow capture and re-use of waste heat in power plants, providing a substantial increase in electricity production.
• Improved steel-making technology has resulted in lighter, stronger steels, which means that less steel must be used for a given task, further saving energy and resources.

We are pleased to offer options to our customers through alignment with our suppliers to provide various chemical treatments, coatings and material specifications to help achieve better solutions for our customers.